For any refund requests, your customers should contact you directly.

How to Refund

You can issue a refund directly through TicketEase via My Reports > Manage Refunds. Here, you can only issue a refund for an order (for orders that include multiple tickets, individual tickets cannot be refunded via tickets). Find and select the order you want to refund, select Process Refund from the Choose Operations at the top of the page, then click Execute.

View Processed Refunds

You can view any processed refund and their information via My Reports > Manage Refunds > View Processed Refunds.

Add Refund Conditions to Your Event Page

As an event organiser,you should specify any refund conditions if you offer them. You can do this via the Event Description field or link to further information on your website. Or enter these details into the Pre-Event Information field on the event, this will show on the Event Page and be emailed to ticket holders 2 days before the event.