TicketEase does not store any payment details, it only handles payments through Stripe, a secure online payment system.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a secure payment gateway that allows TicketEase customers to pay online using debit/ credit cards, enables event organisers to take payments and pay their TicketEase application fees. As the event organiser, you receive revenue straight into your own Stripe account and pay TicketEase fees as tickets start selling.

How do I set up a Stripe Account and connect it to TicketEase?

When you create your first Event, you will automatically be directed to create your first Brand page and be taken through create a Stripe account (or connect to you current Stripe account). You can see if your TicketEase and Stripe accounts are successfully connected by going to your Dashboard (https://ticketease.co.uk/user) > My Events and navigating to the My Brands section.

For any further Brands that are created, once saved:

  • Go to My Events > My Brands and click on the Connect to Stripe button
  • Or go to Brand Actions > Edit and click the Connect Stripe Account button